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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  August 6, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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ebbs and flows. if anyone does, george clooney guy. melissa: thank you so much. that's all we have for you. i have been made "money" today. we will see you back here tomorrow. "the willis report" is coming up next. ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report" opening day for obamacare insurance exchanges now just weeks away. an update on whether states will be ready. also, given your next medical procedure overseas, employment of -- and board member mission you need to know before considering medical tourism up with cahuenga -- are they out of control? are they too costly? we are watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪ all that and more coming up.
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our top story tonight. goodbye to up fannie and freddie. president obama calling for the unwinding of the mortgage giant. under the president's plan the government is not the evicted from the housing market, certainly now entirely. here to weigh in, director of financial relations studies. the center for american progress. this to capitalize of the president is calling for, he wants to wind down fannie and freddie by 15% annually. brevard investors will take initial losses. he once widespread access to the 30 mortgage. the republicans have been calling for a winding down of elimination for a long time. why the president is finally getting on board. >> we are just glad the president is getting on board because we agree that it is time to reform the housing financeem. fannie mae and freddie mac have been in limbo for almost five
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years now. and it is very important to go ahead and move on to whatever the system is going to be for the future so that we could see a sustainable housing recovery. gerri: to you, marc. we have been talking sometime about fannie and freddie and should they have any role in all in the housing market. what did you make of what the president said today? >> congress is starting to get ahead of him, and this is an attempt to inject himself into the conversation. white house loses control. i am worried. the devil is in the details. what we did not give was a lot of details.
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the president listen once some guarantee. that could lead me to believe all he wants to do is change the name on the door and tell us something else. gerri: the big question. three years ago, three options for restructuring the market. on monday with the president actually did say. here is the president. >> just like the health care law that we put in place in the ssme level we did was to set up clear rules for insurance companies to protect consumers, make it more affordable, but still bill by the private marketplace. i believe that the housing system should operate where they're is a limited government role and private lending should be the backbone of the housing market. gerri: private market should be the backbone of the housing market. that is what the president said today.
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yet, if you talk to conservatives, julia, what they say is that the private sector banks are not likely to get involved in a big way because there is some much of the government involving calling the shots. have you respond to a criticism? >> actually, the government accept is important because that helps encourage a lot of private investors to get into the market. you know, all we discovered during the housing boom that wall street all by itself was not especially good at evaluating the credit risk of mortgages. and investors want to make sure that at the end of the day they're going to get paid, and that is why it is important to have the government involved in case of catastrophe. gerri: mark, does julia have it right? does the government have to be involved? one other note, in the middle of the devastation of the mortgage meltdown, fannie and freddie were representing us, right? did they help? no, they did not.
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we did not get a single lift from those institutions. they were part and parcel of the mortgage market falling apart. should they be a part of the market now? >> they should be. there are some things i agree with that some things i don't. maybe as a star with my disagreements. during the devil thready and fannie or that top drivers. they bought 45 percent of the sub prime private-label mortgage backed securities. when the purchases doubled, that is when the sub prime mortgage doubled. again, that drove the market. the fact that will agree in a different spin is that it if we will have a mortgage market where you don't know that you can foreclose, a tremendous amount of liability and you're expected if you are not pressured by government to make loans to less than creditworthy borrowers, of course no wonder will want to get involved unless you can dump the rest of to the taxpayer. the end of the day, fannie and freddie or a vehicle for wall street to transfer losses to the
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taxpayer. get rid of fannie and freddie as a vehicle. gerri: let's hear from julia. >> i completely agree with mark that we know what progress can and socialize loss. no one wants to go back to the system. we remind you that when the private capital market crash the system into the market, the only reason we had continued access to housing finance in this country at all -- gerri: when a minute. was it the private sector or the public sector play a really big role? >> let me take two parts. the argument julia's tried to hike is if you have a mess when he summoned the cleanup. first you want to get make sure you don't have the bubble to begin with.
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to me there were absolutely a big driver. fannie and freddie would have not been there. there were a shell for the federal reserve essentially to flow thousand market. could they have if the fed had not purchased italian dollars in mortgage-backed securities of the taxpayers having covered the losses? gerri: recover the watershed. listen, thanks to both of you for coming on. great points, both of you. appreciate your time. it is a big topic and a convoluted one at times. thank you. >> a key for having asked. gerri: tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, don't miss kneele talking to a billionaire tycoon about what he wants to see happen in the housing market. former president george w. bush is in high spirits after undergoing heart surgery. doctors found a blocked artery during an annual physical exam yesterday and inserted a stand to improve blood flow. he will return home tomorrow.
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out as a fitness enthusiast and a part trouble. joining me now, kevin campbell, cardiologists. that is my first question. here is a president who is so physically active. we hear about him doing these massively long bike rides. how can he have a heart problem? >> many risk factors for heart disease, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and, you know, our genetic makeup can predispose us to heart disease. there are fit people who still may be at risk just as president bush was. gerri: he does not look 67 in the pictures. it is amazing. what is interesting here is he has a physical exam one day in the next day he is in surgery. bam, bam, it is done. surgery's change and have changed dramatically for the good. tell us about that. >> standing can really make the difference in release of sent to -- relief of symptoms, help
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prevent heart attacks. it does not makes patients live longer. and the situation of president bush, he came in, a physical disk exam, and the kgb may have cause suspicion and mistrust test. that was positive, so he went to the cardiac catheterization lab the next day. gerri: does a normal person get that kind of quick treatment? or is it just because he is a former president? >> a lot of patients will be a quick turnaround and go to the cardiac lab. i am certain that president bush did get very, very expedited care. gerri: is it an annual exam that holds that much more importance? is that the moral of the story? an annual exam monday and the next day you get treated extensively for something that is very difficult to. >> i think the moral of the story is that the wake-up call was for all of us. we need to take stock in our health and engage with their doctor, i understand what our risk for heart disease is, find
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the matter and modify them. a yearly exam and meeting with your physician is key to that. gerri: a better diet, more exercise. i hear it coming. >> yes, ma'am. diet and exercise are a big part of this. if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, did it treated with drug therapy of necessary to mob and know the symptoms and risk factors so that you can engage with your doctor and make sure that this does not happen to you. gerri: and to do this all the time, so it's great to hear from you about this kind of surgery. thank you for coming on the show. great information. thank you. >> thank you for having me. gerri: good stuff. more to come, including the best ways to tell your family know when they asked for money. a tough question. many americans traveling overseas not to see the sights, but to have surgery and other procedures performed at a fraction of the cost. next, a look at the growing trend of medical tourism. ♪
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gerri: medical cost as you know are exploding. is going overseas the answer to lowering your health care cost? the author of the book patients
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beyond borders and has spent eight years turning more than 200 medical facilities in 35 countries. he joins us now to help fight your health care options. thanks for coming on the show. i don't think we could have picked anyone better for this segment. you're really the man. has been in all the use yesterday this, why costs are so different overseas and here in the united states? >> well, that is that almost $3 trillion question. that is our health care bill and the united states. it has been argued for two decades on capitol hill. the very brief answer is the u.s. has the highest health care standards in the world, so they are naturally high. an unthinkable amount of ineptitude and corruption -- status quo that is making money off of health care and does not want to see it go away.
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gerri: a want to show folks will we're talking about when it comes to the difference in prices and give people an idea. a colonoscopy in switzerland costs $65. in the u.s. it is $1,200. an angiogram, $914. $35 in canada. the placement, and the u.s. $40,000. in spain $7,700. huge differences in prices, and people would like to get a lower cost. it -- is it safe to go somewhere else and get these procedures done? >> the answer is, if you do your home market can be safe, or it can be a disaster. it is important to prepare. safety is job number one. there are 500 american accredited hospitals around the world did not exist even ten years ago. the same accreditation agency that credits johns hopkins now accredits or 500 hostels around the world. so there is a huge choice. gerri: who is doing that
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accreditation? >> it is the joint commission international, about 14 years ago the joint commission which accredits most hospitals and any other accredited agency in the world and united states set up a national branch to apply the same standards of care that exist in the united states in international hospitals. and some of these hospitals are like five-star, seven star. a ritz carlton hotel. gerri: that is a huge help, i think, for people up there in may want to go overseas. they want to know what to get hospitals are. knowing who is a credit it is a fantastic way to go. i will read you some of the popular destinations for some of these procedures, brazil, costa rica, india, malaysia. are these places you would go, or are there other countries you recommend? >> all of those are on our list of around 14 destinations that we that in terms of travel ability, savings, and health care infrastructure.
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and all of them, it all the present -- depends on which procedure you want and your travel preference. india is known for value and orthopedics. custer rican mexico for dentistry. cosmetic surgery. singapore for still sent -- stem cell research and regenerative therapies and cancer. the more research you do, the more it becomes evident where a patient should go to receive the best care at the most affordable price. gerri: what is the best way to get started if you decide this is a road you want to go down? >> well, to be prepared. a combination of the web, which can be very it using, it -- confusing especially for some of the older people who are in most need of this care. that is why we wrote the book. not to be cute, but we have compiled a lot of them permission.
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gerri: a lot of affirmation there. that is for sure. a lot of them permission there. he think all of the changes going on in health care in this country with obamacare being@ introduced, bigger loads for individual physicians, concerns if there will be enough physicians in the country to handle the load. do you think there will be more people opting to go overseas? >> probably yes. if you look it canada and the u.k. where they have universal health care systems they went through a time of almost a decade of just over burdened, the economy and the system and long waits for high complexity procedures and so folks go -- tend to want to avoid long lines by pursuing global tourism necker. one brickkiln there would have died before i got on the operating table in india for my surgery. gerri: that is what i am worried about. as we move closer and closer the
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single payer lines can get along . >> there is global choice though it now. consumers have a choice. gerri: i like to hear that. take care. and later in the show, the white house is on its final push to get you to sign up for obamacare as the exchanges are set to open. the latest on that. next, we answer the question, how do you do that? tips on the best way does say, no, to your friends and family about money. coming up. ♪
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♪ gerri: are you played by the disease? hard to say no, especially to a loved one asking for a loan. we will tell you how next. ♪
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♪ gerri: is it hard for you to say no? it is natural to want to help joe of the once financially, but sometimes lending money can be hazardous to your financial and emotional health. how you put your to tap your foot down? joining me now, fox news psychologist. it starts early. the disease to please starts early. 31 percent of children say they have lent money to other people, including relatives. why is this sort to tell people -- tell people you love no? >> people feel guilty. we are taught that money should not matter. love does, relationships to, but sometimes safeguarding your relationships requires saying no we're not going to get into a money relationship together.
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gerri: i was interesting that -- rieti's is for this segment and thought, we sound mean. how to say no to your relatives. we were talking during a break. there are times you should be telling a relative that you won't give the money. >> there are plenty of times to say yes when you have much more and their needs are severe or things you want to help them out, but listen, often people want to that step in to save the date when you know that better judgment would argue against it. gerri: give me an example of. >> here is an example. someone who has appeal to every bank in town. the businesses on the ropes. they say, i know i can make it if i just had 20,000 extra. you have to sometimes backed out and say, listen. i learned not to jeopardize french ships by loaning money, which i never do in these situations. you cannot be ambivalent because then you will ask for an
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argument. you have to say, i never do it in situations like this ever. gerri: that makes a lot of sense. less talk about the flip side. when you do land clearly you outlined the basic parameters when you have more and maybe a family member as last, but you say -- and this is interesting. don't land, just give them money because it is so complicated to make a loan. >> lesson. the lending is fine. he should do the paperwork and take these things off of your taxes. if it is a lot you can take the full loss. often in one year. but in your heart of hearts, while you may maintain it is a loan, do not broker the relationship. if it never comes back, that was on me because i knew it might not. you own it, you say here is the paper. sign it. leave it at that. from my perspective you never bring it up again. you updated your money back, but you might not. if you want to safeguard your
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relationship is take a mile west out of it pretty much as a gift. gerri: i think that makes the time of sense. they end up lending the money and then the anger builds. they're is a disagreement over terms. so families particularly, very difficult. gerri: -- >> on -- exactly. unfortunately people speak in metaphors. and they ask you for a loan, then maybe asking for forgiveness because they intend and there are unconscious when not to repay. they do not repay these things. people have that bad feeling. when you ask for it back. wait a second. i thought you loved me. wait a second. now on the problem? you ask for the lawn. i gave it. if i'm asking for the money back, and now it is all on me. if it is okay to lose it an amount you could gift, fine. if it will hurt if it does not came back, you say, never get
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into this because i value too much. i will go to the bank with you and visit other people who have more money with you, but i cannot do it because i don't want this to be the potential in the relationship. gerri: how do i avoid the gilts? >> you come to see me if you are prone to gilts you get to a doctor. but here is the other thing. you always want to focus on the fact that if you needed a kidney i would be there for you. i cannot assess your financial situation. there are so many variables. you just say, i have made it my rule that i don't get into business with friends. that is the way they you have to express it. people will let that go. they really will. they understand, we are together in a defer way. you don't do that. i get it. gerri: that is a great explanation. great stuff. >> take care.
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gerri: you as well. coming up, the truth behind your changing television habits and the next, the countdown is on to obamacare. exchanges set to open. what you should expect from a former top white house official and as the inside of this. stay with us. ♪
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gerri: less then two months intel although watch of the obamacare insurance exchange those over to help with enrollment had yet to be trained retired. former aide minister edith senator for medicare and medicaid services, great to have you here. here we are, a two months away and these navigators have not even then higher debt and we are hearing reports there are security issues with the technology
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they will use. will this happen in the timeframe? vicki s..3 it will be a mess over the next year but they are going to do it the actual signups start in a jittery and it will be chaos. it will be the open season on october 1st lead over the next year they will add 15 or 18 million people and the reality is they will spend 100 million the first year of the 250 million by the fourth year. gerri: you were talking about this during the break and that it will not work but then the exchanges are going to work but the bill for the taxpayers will be huge. >> it will blow up and be a
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mess and then say it rather than verify a get the insurance plan there will be a lot of mistakes. gerri: can we afford this? >> no. it is insane but they are just shoveling money of the door. 50 million people will get new benefits they will be happy but 62 percent ought -- will get subsidized health plan it is completely out of control. gerri: in ohio premiums are up 41% and in florida 45%. any way that you look at it no matter how you slice and dice it there is more cost i cannot imagine this will come out to say we have to
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downgrade again because this country is on the road to ruin. >> the exchanges are not a bad idea but we had a program that looked something like this about one-quarter the size of the exchanges are not the problem but the enormous amount the many going out the door to subsidize and it happens on all of january 1st. there is no phase in and youth flipped the switch and a tidal wave of cash goes out the door. gerri: new look at private equity what is the impact? >> the health care investor we are investing in hospitals, anybody taking care of health care when dash heaath care there is just way too many benefits way too fast for too many people. gerri: the president at the white house doing everything they can to sell the pro -- the program you have to
6:35 pm
think to join up they will be successful. >> even in medicare part d that was my a primary job 10 years ago and democrats a beat the hell out of us for two years but the day that they started to get benefits it was very popular and some people still don't like it but it was much more capitalistic and streamlined benefit that really only affect did pour seniors and a much better benefits in my opinion but when you pump cash out the door. gerri: people learn to love them. thank you for coming on. great job. interesting. when we come back trying to get out of the wedding because the cost too much? the tv industry is dead thanks to netflix? but not so fast. details after the break.
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>> the way you watch television will never be the same of the industry is shaking up on a daily basis from apple to be ian and netflix but a cover story said don't believe the hype with us now is jack, welcome back to the show. it is not over yet? >> people are really excited by the shiny new objects and they will make it a much more experience but the big guys are not going anywhere. >> 90 million customers? finigan is a nice estimate
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but they're only 115 million households -- households only as some of those have broad base and there would have to have complete saturation i don't think it will be that high. >> isn't there a good news there are choices? >> on the one hand there are cool ways to watch tv i remember last winter by watched tv on die pad the jets are losing but just in case they pulled out of miracle i set it down in the bedroom and did my chores but it was still time warner cable delivering the signal is cbs giving me the advertisements it is cool but not much more different. gerri: there are options now where you don't watch the ads and it is not coming to cable and you choose with everyone to watch. so let's just talk about content verses delivery. a lot of questions out there
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how that will change and what is more important? will content ever be keen again? >> being in the content business. gerri: day you don't believe that as the investor. >> bill gates said that but that looked like he was wrong even john malone knows both sides of the business to say if you create content that people really want and with of pipelines and oil tankers if exxon was not pulling up out of the ground we would not be anywhere. gerri: is an end cable still important we use that as a delivery? >> comcast and time warner cable of the pipelines that is how this stuff gets to you about 60 percent of
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americans get broadband so even if you cut the cord is still the cable company you are still locked up. gerri: talk about cbs and time warner with a big controversy they have turned them off but what will happen? >> good question it is interesting both sides have dug-in so deeply into question the strategy because they need each other very bad they. without all this other than time warner cable doesn't have much but they need time order to deliver. the ben to get those in the backroom to link together in declare victory and go home. >> the prices are not going down for any of us. interesting story.
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>> retail pulling down the markets today after warning of a weaker profit american eagle plunged after the profit fed reserve voting members says a central plank is quite likely to reduce the bond buying program later this year charles evans would not give a specific date but only hinges on the economy improving. ubs has $50 million after it was accused of risky mortgage bonds of the of a financial crisis the sec announced a settlement today in general motors is knocking 13% off the price of the chevy fault it will now start at around 35 grant 5,000 less than their current model the electric car will reach showrooms later this month. those are the of hot stories
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right now fox business.. right now throwing a wedding is expensive but we look at how much youure willing to pay for crop
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the cost to attend a wedding is skyrocketing next how to save money.
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gerri: more and more wedding guests tell couples to say
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we don't invited guests are skipping not because of the cost to attend. here with cost-cutting tips this site director for the wedding site 43 percent say they have declined to attend because it is so expensive? it could be you have to travel or the gift is expensive how you cut costs? >> one way to cut costs is first of all, will you go to this wedding? is it okay to say no and look at the relationship to the couple is a summit you are close to? >> if you are not that close few wonder about your relationship going forward but if you do say yes you are in for incredible cost. >> think of travel
6:49 pm
arrangements to take on the flights and hotel accommodations. gerri: we are talking about destination weddings. other people that you now? added is a fine to poke up with also hotel blocks thin the progress the if you wait intel the last minute of course, it is to thousand dollars. >> with the block of rooms often the bridal parties will do that to bring down your costs so make sure that you get in on that. what about navigating the bridal registry? someone told me they've invited where they had in $800 rolling pin. are you kidding me? that is crazy. >> that is insane. but according to research 50 percent of kids -- guest guest of the registry of $50 or less find the best thing possible in your price range
6:50 pm
and go for it. gerri: i know you have an average price on your web site and what is that? >> the couple and the financial situation if you cannot afford $500, don't do web. they don't expect you to go into debt over their wedding gerri: shed to link to have much they spend the link to two her plate. >> three best friends? maybe look at the wonder tueber dollar range or $50 or $75 is wind up you are a distant relative or a co-worker. gerri: so you say if you sent regrets you should still sent the gift? >> we're getting technical but you don't have to create
6:51 pm
a gift to wedding guest invite does not mean hey get all the way usually does although at least you could send the card may be taken out for a drink after they get back for the honeymoon and do something personal it isn't about money. gerri: when about taking fresh blueberries that morning and brought them to the wedding? >> i love that. they know that you cannot afford it. that is fine take them out of for a drink later we will take about leader. gerri: it was very personal and i take to them myself. it is a hot topic. what do you think? are weddings too expensive? go to and i will share the results at the end of the show. with the cost of a wedding
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at in more than is my the 500 but some famous people go beyond the market and the top five expensive weddings ever. number five chelsea clinton the former first daughter spent more than $5 million to her childhood friend and a cake along with 11,000. number for british opera star it was that and i italian villa. number three kim kardashian bryce spending $10 million airing live on tv. the couple separated 72 days later the three powless cost 60 agreement number two, prince william and kate middleton married at westminster abbey with a total of $33 million.
6:53 pm
most of that money went to charity but they still spent $8,000 on the cake and 800,000 of the flowers. number one most expensive wedding is prince william parents prince charles and lady diana the biggest one ever the big kahuna and they divorced 15 years later. what you pay and what you get are different things. we'll be back with my $0.2 and the answer to the question of the day. i'm only in my 60's...
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i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by uniteealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with mdoctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks,
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or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctoabout cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. gerri: a new poll shows nearly half of all americans have declined invitations to weddings for financial reasons.
6:57 pm
this is the average cost of has jumped 60% from last year produced think weddings are too expensive? >> people need to use common sense they are as expensive as you want them to be. >> some are getting ridiculous i still understand the bridesmaids and groomsmen having to pay for dresses and shoes and tuxedos. gerri: 96 percent said yes and 4 percent said no. the log onto every weekday and some of your e-mail. >> the truth is that many college degrees are not only very valuable but absolutely essential for many careers. you're talking to a routine of liberal arts degree i would not argue those of little value today but discussion if with college is worth it it lumps them all under the same category. >> good point. >> it is nice to delay
6:58 pm
obamacare but that has not helped my medical insurance payments it was $500 a month now it is pushing 2,000. and regarding medical privacy. >> as i have read after page after page it all boils down to this we will never under any circumstances give private information to anyone except our friends did we don't have any enemies. gerri: that is good. >> washington is playing games retiring with the benefits is to all be reduced and at least 25% to get in line with the rest of america. what is going on? and when it comes to obamacare the employer mandate is just due to the democrat looking to reelect next year. send me e-mail go to i talk about
6:59 pm
the un e. finn -- and even playing field of investors the market of zig and zag and we get taken for a ride. things just airfare but the fbi says they have found operational vulnerabilities in the system with government economic data in the marketplace in other words, the fbi thinks there is cheating the numbers are out to traders early and making a killing on this stuff but i wish i could say i was supplied with dash a prize but i am not. and reuters was giving access to consumer confidence numbers seconds before it was publicly available those numbers move the market but you know, what i say? shame on them or anybody cheating the system because
7:00 pm
it hurts people like you and me in those that should be treated as equals one of the best ways to say on dash stage fit is redeeming your own cooking in we will show you how to do that. thank you for joining us. we will see you here tomorrow. >> good evening everybody thank you for being with us. tonight you look at the capitol of yemen this city's residents on the edge and the army is on high eight alert after a drone strike to account for suspected al qaeda leaders it followed the u.s. warning of the eminent terrorist attack in the region with considerable focus on potential targets in yemen on your screen now commit the u.s. embassy closed after the white house ordered abroad evacuation of american citizens and u.s. personnel although the


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